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Superior feature 
Dishwashing faucet with 3 modes

360-degree swivel capability – helps to clean every corner and angle of the sink

Rotate 360 degrees

It has 3 faucet modes: foam-producing, small water stream, and high-pressure, ensuring that you can clean anything from dishes to pots and pans…

3 water spraying options

– The product set is made from high-quality, rust-free Inox 304 material, ensuring extreme durability
– The faucet head is chrome-plated, shiny, corrosion-resistant, and durable over time

High-end – Luxurious

– With the smart connecting head, the product can be installed to fit all existing types of dishwashing faucets in the market
– Easy to install, just remove, twist and screw in

Fits most faucet sizes